An Award Winning Xero Gold Accountant, Chris Gascoyne, captured smiling in a white shirt for the camera.

Chris Gascoyne


My career in accounting started with me working in the corporate recovery and insolvency departments of several of the top ten firms at the time.  I spent ten years in those roles and a further five years consulting to some of those firms and a few others along the way.

I set up Acumist after being made redundant – twice – ironically due to economic upturn and decided that helping business owners to define and achieve success was more fulfilling than clearing up the mess after things had gone wrong! Since then, my business has always been virtual and capable of running from anywhere.

“All work and no play…”
I’ll take your accounts and the state of your business seriously as well as help you to create some compelling outcomes. However, I also think that business should be fun (or what’s the point?). You’ll get straight talking help, without jargon and delivered in an easy to understand format, probably over a decent coffee if you share my love of that particular vice!

Helping business owners to create their own realities is what drives me and I will ensure that I’ll do my best to help clients become successful. Let’s not forget there’s some fun to be had along the way too, once the work is out of the way!

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